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ˇ@ Industrial R.O. systems
ˇ@ pump
ˇ@ Housings
ˇ@ Faucets
ˇ@ Filters
ˇ@ R.O. Components
ˇ@ R.O. Installation Accessories
ˇ@ R.O. Tanks
ˇ@ Ultraviolet Lamps
ˇ@ Shower Filters
ˇ@ Brackets
ˇ@ Clip and Wrench
ˇ@ Quick Connect Fittings
ˇ@ Fittings

The corporation was organized primarily to engage in the business of water purifiers, filters, components, containers and the likes.

The company has an enormous manpower taken from the best there is from the water business.
Our Sales Executives with all their marketing strategies and leadership qualities combined with the companyˇ¦s Technician who has a complete knowledge with regards to Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Water Treatment will surely let the company soar high-up upon the arrival of the new millennium.

Aqua Care CO., LTD. is the complete stop for all your water needs,
be its filters or machine parts.

We are sure that not only our Technicians understand the proper
connection of your Water System; but everyone involved in the
business. We live up to our customersˇ¦ satisfaction.

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